A great way for your pet to lose weight.

If your pet is overweight then your dog or cat could end up with serious conditions like arthritis and heart disease. not enough exercise and overfeeding can lead to a shorter life for our four legged friends and half of the dogs and cats in britain are overweight . .
Category: General News
Posted On: 2:29: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

No kissing please!!

You love your animal, so why can’t we give him a kiss? because of the risk of passing diseases from your pet to you is why we should not be kissing our pets. pets clean themselves with their tongues as part of their daily routine and putting your mouth next to your p. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 2:16: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

Camel Spider forces family to move out of their home.

A mother and her three children have been scared out of their home as a spider, believed to be a camel spider had been seen in their home by the two eldest children and an electrician who had been working at the house. mrs griffiths believes the spider came fr. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 2:12: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

Dog saves baby

An argentine dog has saved the life of an abandoned baby by caring for him along with her own puppies. the baby was born in a town outside buenos aires to a young girl who is believed to have panicked and left the baby in a field. the dog la china is reported . .
Category: General News
Posted On: 2:10: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

Why we brits are not immunising our pets

It seems that as a nation of pet lovers, the uk has a poor per cent of owners that actually immunise their pets. even though you’re pet could contract distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus type 2 (hepatitis), leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and coronavirus reports from di. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 3:20: PM | Fri 22 Aug 2008

UK companies loose £20 million a year as we take time off to care for our pets!!

On the 17th of september it is take your dog to work day, but just how many of us will be taking our pooches to the office!! it seems companies loose about 20m because of people taking time off work to look after a sick pet. it can be hard to give your pet the. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 12:16: PM | Fri 22 Aug 2008

Dogs catch yawns!!

Human yawning is known to be contagious; scientists have revealed that dogs too can catch a yawn. until now, only we humans and our primate family were thought to find yawning contagious. but dr senju and his team found how skilled dogs really were when they carried. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 10:45: AM | Fri 22 Aug 2008

Brits neglect their own health but insure their pets!!

According to studies, it seems that in the uk there is twice the number of insurance policies for pets than for people. more of us are ready to payout to insure the health of our pets than takeout insurance for ourselves. new research from tesco personal fina. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 9:35: PM | Wed 20 Aug 2008

Owning a pet is associated with good school attendance.

Warwick university researchers have found that children have stronger immune systems when they own a pet cat or dog, as children are introduced to infection early on. introducing infection at this stage of the child’s life boosted the child’s immune system wh. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 9:35: PM | Tue 19 Aug 2008

The Pet Olympics in Hong Kong

The olympics started this week in beijing and a pet shop in china is holding its own olympic games it seems. as our own athletes compete in beijing, pets are having a go too. the olympets is designed to promote exercise for pets as there is not much open space in ho. .
Category: General News
Posted On: 9:35: PM | Mon 18 Aug 2008

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