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Your cat is part of the family, so when it falls ill or gets injured it can be a very stressful time. Cat ownership is a long term dedication as most cats will live for 12- 18 years. The popularity of owning a cat is at an all time high as our most popular pet. Statistics show there are eight million or more cats living in homes in the UK, with there playful characteristics and loyalty, making them a great companion. Chances are your pet will require medical treatment at some point in their life. Having pet insurance allows you to concentrate on getting them well again and not have to worry financially.

Depending on the illness or injury, veterinary care costs can run into thousands of pounds, pet insurance is a significant consideration when getting your cat as one in every two cats need treatment every year.

Taking out pet insurance will give you peace of mind and the support of a pet insurance corporation you can rely on. We will be there to assist and provide the very finest treatment and care that your pet needs.

Pet Insurance can help you to avoid those costly vet bills. You can protect your pet with a variety of pet cover plans. Don't wait until it's too late.

On this site you will be able to find first-class quotations and cover details for your pet insurance. To attain your Pet Insurance quotation, please read the cover, conditions and details, and complete the application form. If the worst happened and you were faced with paying a large bill running into hundreds or thousands of pounds you will be relieved you had taken out pet cover.

As with most pet insurance, 3rd party liability cover is also typically included in your policy. This will protect you financially should the actions of your pet result in any damage to either people or property.

The popularity of owning a cat is at an all time high as our most popular pet.

Save money on your cat insurance - here you can compare cheap cat insurance quotes from the leading UK pet health providers in our online comparison table so you can find value for money cover without any hassle. Also we explain how you can choose the best insurance for your cat.
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Animal Friends - Cat Insurance

At Animal Friends Pet Insurance we have a range of cat insurance and dog insurance policies available to try and help keep your pet and your bank balance healthy. Whether it’'s a kitten, puppy, dog or cat, we will look to insure a pet from the age of 5 weeks old and up, no matter how old they are. more info

Co-operative - Cat Insurance

We understand that your dog is a valued member of the family, so we want to help you look after your best friend. If your dog needs to visit the vets for treatment, dental care or even an operation, you don't want the extra worry of how you will cover the cost. Our pet insurance could provide the right level of cover for your dog, so you can concen... more info
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NCI Insurance - Cat Insurance

Pet insurance is important if you want to avoid costly veterinary bills and ensure your pet gets the best possible treatment. We have a range of policies for you to choose from and are confident you will find a policy to meet your requirements. more info

PetPlan - Cat Insurance

Petplan has developed market-leading pet insurance policies to meet the needs of today’'s pet owners – including 3 "genuine" lifetime policy options. Whether you choose Petplan Classic with either £4,000 or £7,000 vet fees cover or Petplan Ultimate with £12,000 vet fees cover, you can be sure that the policy will provide lifetime protection to help... more info

Aviva - Cat Insurance

Aviva pet insurance policies have some great benefits to offer, take Gold for example, up to £3,500 vet fees cover for illnesses and injuries, up to £1 million third party liability for dogs, up to £500, ecovery expenses if your pet is lost or stolen, Find a pet minder helpline, We can pay your vet direct. Get a quote today. Get the Aviva deal. more info

Debenhams - Cat Insurance

Cover for vet fees up to £7,000 with a gold level policy, Up to £750 towards advertising and reward costs should your pet go missing, Bereavement Counselling should the worst happen, Pet Legal Matters, for legal advice on an issue relating to your pet and help to find a registered pet minder to care for your pet while you''re away from home. more info

John Lewis - Cat Insurance

With John Lewis Pet Insurance you can choose from four levels of cover for vet’s fees so you can find the right level for you and your pet. more info
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