Owning a pet is associated with good school attendance.

Warwick University researchers have found that children have stronger immune systems when they own a pet cat or dog, as children are introduced to infection early on.

Introducing infection at this stage of the child’s life boosted the child’s immune system When Dr McNicholas and her colleges tested 138 children for antibody (IGA) which shows the strength of the immune system, they found that antibody levels amongst children with pets were significantly more stable and that they had stronger immune systems than children without pets.

It is suggested that too much hygiene around the home early on can leave the immune system weakened later on in life.

Children owning Pets were found to have nine days more at school over the year compared to those without animals and that the exposure did boost the child’s immune system.

category: General News
posted: 9:35: PM | Tue 19 Aug 2008

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