UK companies loose £20 million a year as we take time off to care for our pets!!

On the 17th of September it is take your dog to work day, but just how many of us will be taking our pooches to the office!! It seems companies loose about 20m because of people taking time off work to look after a sick pet.

It can be hard to give your pet the care it needs should it become unwell and you need to go to work. Employers are aware that pet owners will take sick leave whilst caring for an ill pet. Nevertheless, some companies will agree to workers to do their work from home or grant employees compassionate leave for the duration of their pet’s illness.

Research shows that having a pet makes a person much happier and content and surely these results show that we are better, happier workers as a result!!

category: General News
posted: 12:16: PM | Fri 22 Aug 2008

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