Camel Spider forces family to move out of their home.

A mother and her three children have been scared out of their home as a spider, believed to be a camel spider had been seen in their home by the two eldest children and an electrician who had been working at the house.

Mrs Griffiths believes the spider came from her husband’s kitbag as he returned from Afghanistan to the couple’s home in Essex. Mr Griffiths is now back in Afghanistan on further tour of duty. These types of spider can give a painful bite but they are not venomous, they are very fast moving up to 10 mph.

Mrs Griffiths and her children have since moved in with her mother until the spider is found. RSPCA officers did visit the house but could not locate the spider, the family have said they will not move back home until the spider is found.

category: General News
posted: 2:12: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

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