A great way for your pet to lose weight.

If your pet is overweight then your dog or cat could end up with serious conditions like arthritis and heart disease. Not enough exercise and overfeeding can lead to a shorter life for our four legged friends and half of the dogs and cats in Britain are overweight according to the RSPCA.

Hills prescription diet food makes your animal feel full, therefore eating less; the food itself is high in fibre and is low in fat and calories. The nutritional formula of prescription diet has a high level of L-carnitine which helps burn of that fat and increases the pets muscle mass.

A great website can be found at: www.hillsweightloss.com which contains valuable information if you are serious about helping your pet. You can chart your pet’s weight, track its weight loss and set up an exercise regime. Hills pet nutrition guarantee you will see a change in your pet within eight weeks.

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posted: 2:29: AM | Fri 29 Aug 2008

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